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Pholus was one of two civilized centaurs in ancient Greek mythology. He lived in a cave on Mount Pelion. After he had captured the Erymanthian boar, Heracles (Hercules) visited the cave where he was met by Pholus. When Pholus opened a jar of wine for Heracles, the other centaurs smelled it and went mad. They attacked the cave where Heracles killed the majority of them using magic poison arrows. He then chased the rest of them until they sought safety with Chiron, the other peaceful centaur. Chiron was wounded and surrendered his immortality to be free of the pain. Pholus back at his cave wondered how one arrow could kill a centaur. He pulled an arrow from a dead centaur and examined it. He then dropped it on his foot poisoning and then killing him.

Origin and FamilyEdit

Like Chiron, Pholus was civil and not wild like other centaurs. This explained by the fact that, like chiron, Pholus differs in parentage


Pholus appears in the story of Heracles where he helps the hero on his quest. Pholus gives him shelter and is kind to Heracles. In this myth both Chiron and Pholus were accidently killed by Hercles' arrows.

Pholus has no powers.

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