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Pasiphae and the Minotaur


Pasiphae is the immortal goddess of the moon. Pasiphae is believed to have her origins in the east, in Colchis. Pasiphae, in mainland Greece, was worshipped as an oracular goddess at Thalamae. Pasiphae is also, like her niece Medea, a mistress of magical herbal arts in the Greek imagination. The people of Sparta would sleep by her shrine and believed that it would give them dreams that would help them make decisions such as in the government and other things.


The Greeks believe that Pasiphae, along with her doublet Europa are from the east, but Pasiphae is from the city of Colchis. Pasiphae is the daughter of Helios, the sun god and the eldest Oceanid, Perse. She was given to King Minos of Crete by her parents to marry.


Pasiphae has two brothers and sister, Aeetes and Circe, and four half brothers and sister, Charites, Phaeton, Heliadae, and Heliades. Pasiphae married Minos of Crete and had six children, Androgeus, Ariadne, Glaucus, Decalion, Phaedra, and Catreus. She also had a child, Asterion or the Minotaur according to the Greeks, with one of King Minos’ finest bulls.


Pasiphae is involved in one important myth of the Greeks. In this myth Poseidon casts a spell on Pasiphae to make her fall in love with a bull as punishment for something she did. To do this she had someone construct a wooden bull with a cowhide covering that she hid inside of, and with that she was able to fulfill her lust for the bull. This in turn is the reason Asterion, a half bull half man is born. After Pasiphae learns that her husband, Minos, is having an affair with other women, so as punishment she casts a spell on him so that he ejaculates scorpions and serpents and kills all of the women he sleeps with. Minos was eventually cured of this curse by the girl Prokris of Athens.


  Along with her siblings, Pasiphae contained the power of witchcraft. With this witchcraft she was able to cast the spell on Minos for being unfaithful. The Greeks also believed she had the power to create magical herb potions.

Interesting FactsEdit

Pasiphae is from Colchis which is also the destination of Jason and the Argonauts in order to find the Golden Fleece. Pasiphae is Greek for “wide-shining”. Pasiphae is the name of one of the moons orbiting Jupiter. Pasiphae, Asterion, and the bull with which she mated with are all associated with the constellation Taurus.

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