panting of pan with a pan flute.


Myth- In one myth pan is shown to be a very skilled musician. After many years of practice pan starts to believe that he is better than Apollo (the god of the lyre). He meets Apollo and challenges him to see who is a better musician. Tmolus, the mountain god, was chosen to decide who the better musician was. Pan played the Pan flute and Apollo played the lyre. In the first round it is said that Pan and Apollo tied. Next Apollo demanded that in the next round they played the instruments upside down. Pan failed to play his flute well while Apollo played just as good upside down as right side up. Pan was defeated.

Power- He was a magnificent musician who invented the pan flute. He was half goat. He was very fast and agile. His horn could be used as weapons.

Interesting facts- his lower half of his body was a goat while the upper half was a man. He made the pan flute which is six tied together reeds that produce different sounds. He was said to have trained Hercules.

Origin/Family- Some say his Father was Odysseus and is mother was Penelope while other say his parents where Dryope and Hermes. Many myths claim that pan never had a child but some say he had 12 kids with nymphs called “panes”. His wife was hiex in many Greek myths but he is always trying to sleep with the nymphs. He is said to have been born in Arcadia Greece witch is a wild life area.

Description- Pan was a half man half goat who was a very great musicain. Pans myth is used to show a popular theme in greek mthology which is that no matter how good you think you are, you are never better than the gods. Pan is very fast and quick. he is the god of the sheep and is said to protect people in the woods at night time.

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