-Goddess of beauty,love,pleasure and procreation.

-Aphrodite's birth was from the sea foam

-Her parents are Zeus and Dione

-Aphrodite had the power to make anyone desire her.

-She is described as offensive and that she also has a short temper.

-The Dove,Swan and the sparrow were her birds.





-God of the sky,thunder and clouds.

-His father was Kronos

-Zeus overthrew his father

-Zeus used his thunderbolt as a weapon, he would throw this at people.

-Even though he had many affairs with mortals and other gods he was married to Hera.


Myth: Zeus and his fight with Typhon


Mother Earth Gaea was very angry with Zeus after he overthrew the titans. He wanted her son Typhon to overthrow Zeus so he could rule. Mother Earth Gaea created a monster that was made to destroy Zeus.the monster severely hurt Zeus and put him in the Corycian cave where Hermes found him and managed to "put him back together".





-God of the sea.

-Poseidon was the brother of Zeus

-Kronos and Rhea were his parents

-he was swallowed by his father 

-Poseidon used a trident as his weapon which would shake the earth 

-He was married to Amphitrite 


Myth:The flood

 Poseidon and Athena were competing to see who would be the ruler of the city that is now called Athens. Hence, the name Athens Athena became ruler,this made Posieden mad. Poseidon struck the sea multiple times with his trident which created a terrible storm. After the storm subsided, the people of Athens revamped the city. They tried to suggest peace offerings to Poseidon to try and please him.




-God of the underworld

-Brother of Zeus