Nymphs are known as the spirits of nature. They are recognized as females who are young and beautiful. They are protectors of springs, trees, mountains, rivers, etc. There are different types of nymphs. Which type they are, depends on where they reside.


Nymphs came into play some time after the mutilation of the Ouranos. They were needed during a time of war by Zeus. He had been fighting for rule and he summoned all the nymphs to help him. From that point on, they have been known as the daughters of Zeus. However, Zeus is not there real father. Depending on where the nymphs live, some may have different so called fathers, or mothers.                          


Lampads were known as the nymphs of the underworld. Zeus gave the Lampads to Hecate, who was the goddess of witchcraft and cross roads. Zeus gave this gift to Hecate because of her loyalty to Zeus. The lampads held tourches for Hecate and gave her company on her journeys at night. The light of the Lampad's torches were said to have the power to be able to make someone go crazy.

The Dryades were known as the nymphs of the woods or forests. It is told that they lived within the trees. They were said to be immortal or they would die whenever the tree in which they were living in died. Artemis, who was the goddess of hunt, took these nymphs as her partners of hunting.

The Naiades were the nymphs of freshwater rivers, lakes, streams, etc. These nymphs can also be found hanging around Artemis, just like the Dryades. She chose 20 Naiades from Amnisus, who was the river god of Crete. The Naiades were considered the daughters of the river gods and were said to have long lifetimes, but were not immortals.


Nymphs have different powers depending on what type of nymph it is. They have both good and bad powers. For example, they have healing powers, oracle powers, and also some nymphs can make oceans, rivers, streams, etc. calm or wild. However, if a person or mortal being lays eyes on a nymph, that person can be driven crazy, which is an example of a bad power a nymph has.

Interesting FactsEdit

> Nymphs are associated with natural objects

> Known as "female fairy" like

> Have the ability to drive a mortal mad

> Nymphs have many different powers