The Naiads are the nymphs of bodies of fresh water. They depend on rivers, streams, brooks, springs, fountains, lakes, ponds, wells, and marshes to survive. The naiads are also referred to as female sex symbols. They can be seduced and can also play the role as the seducer. Naiads are connected to their bodies of water. For example, if a stream dried up, the naiad would disappear with the stream. Naiads are known to be relaxing and comforting. Some have personalities that can be silly, or helpful. They are also described as beautiful and athletic. They are usually about 5 feet tall and weigh 120 pounds.


Naiads can be the daughters of Zeus, the daughters of various river gods (also known as potami), or part of the vast family of Titan Oceanus. They are also described as “the filthy daughters” of Nereus and Doris.


Apollo found Cyrene, an extraordary beautiful naiad, wrestling a lion unarmed. He later founded a city in Libya and named it Cyrene after her.

A nymph named Dryope and her sister Naiads fell in love with an attractive man named Hylas. The nymphs begged him to live with them as he was filling a pitcher from their spring. They forced him into their waters. Ancient sources say that Hylas was transformed into an echo by the power of the Naiads. Heracles, Hylas’ squire and compainion, would call for Hylas and the name would return to him as an echo.


Naiads are known to be prophetic. They are also responsible for healing powers that were closely associated with springs

Interesting FactsEdit

-Greek towns and cities were called after the names of Naiads. Lilaea, in Phocis, was named for Lilaea, the Naiad of the Cephissus River. 

 Naiads were almost immortal; they lived an extremely long life unless their body of water dried up.


-In Homer’s Odyssey, the naiads are mentioned to be near a cave, instead of a body of water. It is probable that there was a lake or stream located inside this cave in Ithaca.


-Naiads fell in love with both mortals and gods.


§  The Water Nymphs of Springs were called the Pegaeae

§  The Water Nymphs of Marshes were called the Eleionomae

§  The Water Nymphs of Lakes were called the Limnatides

§  The Water Nymphs of Rivers and Streams were called the Potameides

§  The Water Nymphs of Fountains were called the Crinaeae

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