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Lapiths were people from Thessaly who have said to have conquered their land from the Perrhaebians by pushing them far from the coast and 

towards the mountains. They are most famous for driving the Centaurs from Mount Pelion to Aethicia at the end of the battle between the two.



The Lapiths’ home was in Thessaly or the valley of the Peneus on the mountain Pelion in what is now northern Greece. They were an Aeolian tribe who were pre-Hellenic in their origin. They were horsemen in the grassland, who was famous for its horses. Supposedly the king of the Lapith, king, Pirithous married Hippodameia or the tamer of the horses. 


One myth for the Lapiths is when their king invited the Centaurs to his wedding but instead

of being good guests and being polite they became drunk and 

uncivil. They also tried to take the bride, Hippodameia, and other Lapith women. Due to this irrational behavior both sides got very angry and fights broke out between the two, 

with the help of some other famous hero’s the Lapiths drove the Centaurs from Thessaly.

Interesting Facts Edit

·         There is a relief sculpture from the fighting between Lapiths and Centaurs called “Battle of the Centaurs” by Michelangelo.

·         In the Illiad it states that they sent 40 ships to help in aiding the Trojan War.

·         The first known ruler of the Lapiths was Hypseus son of Peneus who is the river Gods.

·         Also said that in the battle with the Centaurs the Lapiths had help from other gods.


Lapiths had many strengths or power especially during the fighting of them and the Centaurs. When the fight began many people, Lapiths or not joined in to help like Theseus, Peleus and Nestor. They helped along with others run the Centaurs away. 


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