Ladon was the River god of Arkadia. The river Ladon ruled was a tributary of the Alpheios and flowed through the entire country all the way to merge with Alpheios near the Eleian border. He was the husband of Stymphalis and became the father of Daphne and Metope. The river that Ladon controlled was the most lovely river in Greece and is famous for the legend of Daphne that the poets tell. Thelpousa was the daughter of Ladon and they named a town after her inside of Arkadia. Apollon soon fell in love with Thelpousa.

There was also another Ladon. This Ladon was an one hundred head dragon that guarded the Garden of the Hesperides. The tree of the golden apples of immortality was present there as well. Ladon guarded that tree with his life until one day when Hercules defeated Ladon. Ladon is involved with the myth of Percy Jackson where he is distracted by Zoe so Percy and Thalia could sneak pass him. 

Origin Edit

Ladon was the River god of northen Arkadia in the Peloponnesos, southern Greece. His parents were Oceanus and Thetys. 

The hundred headed dragon named Ladon had different parents depending on the myth. In the Greek Myth, the offspring of Ceto and Phorcys were the parents of Ladon. From that day forth his job was to guard the tree with the golden apples of immortality.


Ladon possessed the power to control the River. He was able to do anything he wanted with the river. 

The hundred headed dragon named Ladon possessed the power of incredible strength and fire breathing.

Ladon Dragon

The one hundred headed dragon