Jason was a stereotypical hero. He wasn’t a god, he didn’t have any powers, but he was the person to save the day. He had a good character, as well as a charming personality. When he was born, a prophecy was said to his parents that the man with one shoe will overthrow Pelias, Jason’s uncle that stole his father’s throne. Jason was sent to find the Golden Fleece, which fulfilled his prophecy, because he lost one shoe on his quest, came back, and overthrew Pelias.


Jason was supposed to be born into the throne, but his uncle, Pelias, took over his father and held him prisoner. But Jason’s mother was smart; she mourned as if Jason died, she pretended he died. What she really did, was give him to Chiron, a centaur. He raised Jason to become a king when he turned of age.


Jason's family and relations have many possible variables, because his mother is undetermined. Jasons' mother, Alcimede, saved him as a baby and made sure he was brought up to be a fit king. Jason is also said to have a brother, Promachus, and a sister, Hippolyte. His father is confirmed to be Aeson.


Jason’s most common myth is Jason and the Golden Fleece. His mission was to re-capture the fleece of a ram that belonged to Zeus. In his travels, he discovered the world of the gods, and becomes the first person to sail through the rocks surrounding the Black Sea. When he arrived as the island that the golden fleece was on, he only had one shoe, because on his journey, he helped an elderly woman cross the water, in honor of Poseidon. That woman turned out to be the goddess Hera in disguise, as a test of his character. This was Jason’s first mission, and also his most well-known.
Jason and the golden fleece


Jason did not have any real powers.he isnt a god, just a part of a Greek myth. however, he did have the ability to see in front and behind him at the same time. he also had leadership skills, and was able to bring together and lead an army.

Interesting FactsEdit

~ Jason was a mortal

~ Jason was good with women

~ In his travels, Jason became the first to sail across the Black Sea and survive the trip

~Jason dd not have any powers unless the gods granted him them