Description== Ixion was a wealthy king who ruled the land of Thessaly. He was a strong ruler, but had many dishonorable qualities. He was very greedy, and was often stubborn towards his subjects. All of these traits lead up to him getting into a lot of trouble with the Gods.


Ixion was the son of Antion and Perimela, who are said to be descendants of Ares. He marries Dia, the daughter of Eioneus, and she bares a childed named Peirithous. However, there are suspicians that Zeus is the real father of Peirithous. Ixion does have a child with the false Hera, named Centaurus 


Ixion, the powerful King of Thessaly, has his heart set on marrying Dia, the beautiful daughter of Eioneus. However, Ixion was far too greedy to pay the full bride price of Dia, so Eioneus refused to give his daughter his hand. Because of Ixion's stubborn manner, he lied to Eioneus and says if he came to his kingdom he will pay the full bride price. But once he reached the castle, Ixion has him pushed into a camoflauged pit of hot coals, and was able to marry Dia without the fee. The Gods were appauled at Ixion's murderous act. The killing of kensmen was an unforgivable crime. The Gods allowed him to come into Olympus to be purified. Once in olympus, Ixion's astonishing deeds did not end, as he attemped to seduce Hera. Right away, the insulted goddess ran off to tell Zeus. In order to test him, Zeus decided to put a cloud shaped as Hera into Ixion's bed. Ixion was once again not to be trusted, and failed the test. As a punishment, Zeus chained Ixion to a burning whell for eternity.


Even though Ixion's skills were used for evil, he was very smart. He figured out a way to get Eioneus lured into his kingdom and was able to hide the burning hot coals from him, and ended up getting ehat he wanted. However, he is very gullible when he falls for Zeus' trap.

Interesting FactsEdit

  • The cloud form of Hera was named Nephele
  • Centaurus was the first of the centaur race
  • It is unkown is the wheel Ixion was condemned to is in the underworld or the sky
  • Normally, the Gods would not have let Ixion into Olympus to purify him, but it is said that Zeus took an interest in Dia, and she would have some time alone while he was in Olympus.


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