Iphicles was the son of Alcmene and her husband Amphitryon. His half-brother was Hercules who wass the son of Alcmene and Zeus. Iphicles and Hercules were born a day apart despite this. Iphicles had no powers, unlike his brother Hercules who is a hero. He eventually married Automedusa and was the father of Iolaus.



Alcmene married a mortal, Amphitryon. While Alcmene was pregnant with their son Iphicles, Amphitryon went away for war. During this time Zeus seduced her and impregnated her with Hercules. The half-brothers were born a day apart. When Iphicles and Hercules were born Zeus’ wife Hera was enraged by his infidelity and sent serpents to kill the two of them. Hercules had heroic powers and when the serpents came he strangled and killed them, saving himself and Iphicles.



Iphicles was a mortal so he didn’t have any heroic powers like his brother had.


Interesting FactsEdit

Iphicles went on some adventures with Hercules and helped him with various tasks. They fought alongside eachother in various battles. Iphicles eventually died fighting in war.



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