He is an Olympian god in Greek religion, who is the son on Zeus and Pleiade Maia; the second youngest of the Olympian gods.  He is the god of transitions and boundaries, as well as the messenger of the gods.  He would go freely from the godly world to the mortal would sending messages from the gods.  Hermes would wear winged shoes and a hat, and have a saber.

Family/ Origin

Hermes is the son of Zeus and Pleiade Maia, and the second youngest Olympian god.  He is known as the helpful god.  Hermes’ offspring are Heraphroditus in which he had with Aphrodite.  He may have also yielded Eros, Tyche, and Priapus. His union with a nymph, Callisto, produced Pan. He also had Autolycus and Myrtilus. There are other possible children, he could have had.


In myths Hermes is sometimes a trickster and outsmarts the other gods.  He is in the myths, Cupid and Psyche, Hercules- Hebe and Ganymede, Proserpine, and Midas- Baucis and Philemon.


He was the messenger for the gods, and he would tell mortals the gods will.    He was also the protector of travelers, sports, and literature.  He had winged sandals, a winged cap, and a pouch that helped him fly and deliver messages. He is also the fastest god, as well as smartest.

Interesting Facts

·         Hermes is identified with the Roman god Mercury.

·         He is the fastest of the gods.

·         Hermes guides the dead to the Underworld

·         He is the guardian of streets and roads, but ironically he is the patron of thieves.


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Hermes: Messenger God