Hector was one of the people who disapproved of his brother’s relationship with Helen who he brings with him to Troy. Helen was the Greek King Menelaus’ wife. Hector thought it wasn’t a good idea to start a war.


Hector was from ancient Troy. He was the son of a King. Hector was trained to be a great warrior by his father and other leaders of war.


King Priam and Queen Hecuba of Troy are Hectors parents.  He had a brother Paris. Also, his wife was Andromache. They had one son named Astyanax.


Hector is involved in a myth about the Trojan War. Paris, Hectors brother, fell in love with the wife of the Greek King. The King of Greece declared war on Troy and since Hector was a great warrior he was sent to fight. Hector, during battle, dueled with Patroclus and killed him. Achilles was a great friend of Patroclus and was livid because Hector killed him. Achilles ran into battle and killed Hector to avenge his friend’s death. King Priam begged Achilles for Hectors body and set up a funeral worthy of their fallen warrior.


Hector wasn’t a god but he did have many strengths. A lot of these strengths related to being a great warrior such as being brave and impelled to help his city-state. Also, Hector was told to be honorable, honest, trusted and a good person.

Interesting FactsEdit

Hector’s myth also used god and goddess’ to explain why the Greeks and Trojans retreated at times. They also used them to make a reason for why some people didn’t die in battle or why some did.


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