Castor and Pollux are usually seen in art and literature with helmets and horses.


The Dioscuri twins were named Castor and Polydueces, or Pollux. The Dioscuri were born mortals and became gods.  They were skilled in hunting and horseback.  The Dioscuri were also patrons of sailors and protectors of travelers and guests.


The Dioscuri twins were sons of Leda, but had different fathers. Zeus, a god, was the father of Pollux, while mortal Tyndareus was the father of Castor. When Castor died in a fight, Zeus granted immortality to Pollux. He then decided to share his immortality with his brother. Each day the twins alternate living a day among the gods and a day among the dead.


The Dioscuri twins had different fathers. This was because Leda was married to Tyndareus, but was seduced by Zeus disguised as a swan.  In addition to the Dioscuri, Leda also had twin daughters, Helen of Troy and Cyltemnestra. It is sometimes said that the two pairs of twins were born from an egg. They were all raised in Sparta.


The story begins with the Dioscuri wanting to marry the Leucippides twins, Phoebe and Hilaeira. However the twins were both married to cousins of the Dioscuri, Idas and Lynceus. Castor and Pollux then kidnapped the twins and took them to Sparta. Each married and had a son. A huge family feud began to arise. The Dioscuri and their cousins carried out a cattle herd. Idas and Lynceus then ate all the meat and the Dioscuri realized they had been played. Soon the twins found a perfect time for revenge to steal their herd. While Castor was keeping watch high in a tree, Pollux was setting their cattle free. Lynceus, having the power to see in the dark, saw what was happening. Idas was angry and killed Castor with a spear. Pollux then killed Lynceus while Idas was coming up behind to kill Pollux.  Zeus was watching all this from Mount Olympus and threw a thunderbolt at Idas, killing him and saving his son. Zeus then granted immortality to Pollux, who shared it with his brother.


The Dioscuri didn't necessarily have powers. The twins were just very skilled at certain things. Pollux was a skilled boxer. Castor was good at taking care of horses. The two were great sailors and protectors.

Fun FactsEdit

The constellation “Gemini” (twins) was created from the Dioscuri. The twins are sometimes called Tyndaridae or Tyndarids (Tyndareus being a father and step-father to the two). Pollux was a favorable boxer while Castor was good at managing horses. They are called the heavenly twins. The Dioscuri mysteriously disappeared before the Greeks fought Troy.

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