Anaye were a collection of monsters. Evil gods known as demons or devils. They were very fearsome. There were several forms of them. There was a giant water serpent with scales. A giant antelope or buffalo that grew so big he reached the clouds. Giant thunderbirds that wings sounded like thunder and beaks could blind. Cliff dweller that had long hair that grew into mountainside and he could swing from cliff to cliff. There were Binaye Ahani, they killed with their eyes. They stood upright, long, thin bodies, stubby arms and legs and faces with bulging eyes.


They lived somewhere in North America.


Naste Estan was mother to one; Tsohanoai was father. Story is that Naste made other Anaye's with the first one.


When water serpent is destroyed, pieces of body formed lakes and streams and smaller snakes. When giant antelope was killed, blood got on a squirrel, that is why red squirrels today. Thunderbirds were turned into birds of today. The Binaye Ahani would shoot lightning from their eyes and turn prey into gems and minerals. When Binaye Ahani died, transformed into prairie dogs.


They had demonic entities to destroy mortal man. They could devour man. They could stare/or glare at prey to their death.

Interesting Facts

There were many forms of Anaye's. There are a lot of myths about them. Nayenezgani and Tobadzistsini were able to kill Anaye's with magic arrows.