Akba Atatdia was also known as the First-Scolder, Old Man, Old Man Coyote, or just Coyote. Akba Atatdia is a male and was also a deity (god). His mystic number is 5878. In myths he appears as animals,man, or just a power. He is thought to be believed as a gateway of people to understand th way of life and what it has in store. The myths that Akba Atatdia is in are all myths to help people understand spiritual beliefs, religious beliefs, and Native American Culture.


Akba Atatdia lived in the North American region.

Family In the myth " The Spying Moon" he played a coyote and he had no family at all. He only had his friends and his enemies.


The myth that Akba Atatdia is in was called "The Spying Moon". He played a sneaky, clever, and nosey coyote. In the myth, the moon had disappeared from the sky. The village didn't know what to do without the moon, so coyote offered to replace the moon. The village agreed that he would make a good moon, so that was that. From where the coyote was positioned in the sky he could see everything and everybody. Being a coyote he loved to get people in trouble, so he would shout out what people did that they should not have done. The village got sick of him snooping around, so they voted him out of the sky. But nothing could keep him down for long. Being a showoff, he loves to impress girls by juggling his eyeballs. One day he threw his eye so high in the sky that it became a star. So, after all of that he is still keeping an eye on all of us.


Akba Atatdia had only his power to be clever, pesty, sneaky, and wise.

Interesting FactsEdit

Akba Atatdia a.k.a. coyote has a ritual named after himself called The Coyote Ritual.