AHAYUTA-ACHI are twin culture gods. Theya are twin brothers. AHAYUTA is the same as ACHI, so we will be explaining AHAYUTA instead of ACHI. They were the Sun Gods, to protect the first people from their enemies, using lightning.Their umbilical cord symbolizes the "axis mundi", the center or navel of the world, and their lightening powers of destruction continue to serve the Zuni and all other people.


They were created by the Sun Father to help keep the poeple safe. They were to make their home right in the middle so that if any opossing tribes tried to get in, they would be able to get right there. Originally from North America.


They were brothers and were made to fight together to protect the people of Zuni. Awonawilona made AHAYUTA-ACHI. This means they are second only to Awonawilona himself.


They fought with lightning. That was the power that their father gave to them.

Interesting FactsEdit

We don't know what happened to Achi, but we do know that Ahayuta was a glorious warrior. For protection or victory in battle, carve an effigy of them from a piece of wood that had been struck by lightning.